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Batch Renaming
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BigPicture 5 comes with a renaming engine that allows you to batch rename and automatically relink all picture links within a document in one single step. Use it to standardize link names, add descriptive wording, insert project labels, or remove unwanted characters from the picture links.
Once you create your custom naming scheme, BigPicture renames all picture files in the Finder and then updates the appropriate links in the document.
The powerful conditional renaming option allows you to rename only images that fall within a certain pattern, or that are currently selected. For example, you can use expressions such as “Picture name does not contain”, or “Picture name ends with”.
Before committing the changes, the Preview window shows you in real time the entire picture list with every picture's old and new name so you know in advance exactly how each will be renamed.
Batch Renaming and Relinking. One Picture Or Thousands. One Cli
Batch renaming is only available in BigPicture 5 for InDesign CS5.x/CS6 or QuarkXPress 9.
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