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The Professional Picture Manager.
BigPicture gives you the most comprehensive solution for managing graphics and picture links in Adobe InDesign and QuarkXPress. With BigPicture, you get instant access to detailed image information, complete picture lists, a unique search and relink engine,
plus powerful tools for updating, revealing, opening, renaming, replacing and moving multiple links.
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For Adobe InDesign and QuarkXPress
BigPicture shows you all the attributes for the picture you selected. From default application, to picture status to embedded fonts, BigPicture gives you all the information you need at your fingertips.

In addition, you get quick access to handy tools for revealing the file in the Finder or document, displaying the full path, showing a full size image preview, renaming a single picture file, or changing the print status and dimensions units. You also get a convenient contextual menu to quickly access common tasks simply by clicking on the picture list.
Complete Image Information at Your Fingertips.
BigPicture comes with a renaming engine that allows you to batch rename and automatically relink all picture links within a document in one single step. Use it to standardize link names, add descriptive wording, insert project labels, or remove unwanted characters from the picture links.

Once you create your custom naming scheme, BigPicture renames all picture files in the Finder and then updates the appropriate links in the document.
The powerful conditional renaming option allows you to rename only images that fall within a certain pattern, or that are currently selected. For example, you can use expressions such as “Picture name does not contain”, or “Picture name ends with”.

Before committing the changes, the Preview window shows you in real time the entire picture list with every picture's old and new name so you know in advance exactly how each will be renamed.
Batch Renaming and Relinking.
The search engine of BigPicture quickly scans your hard drive or any mounted volume for missing pictures or any picture file you need.
It then presents you with a list of matchings found, giving you the ability to relink them with a click of a button. The smart search engine can even detect other missing images in the same folder, so you can automatically relink multiple missing links in just one step.
Search for Missing Images. Relink Them In One Step.
 Professional Contact Sheet Creation and Annotation Tool
The Relink panel of BigPicture allows you to manage image links in several useful ways. Among other tasks, you can:
- Update All Modified Pictures: In a single step updates every picture in the document that has a Modified status.
Auto Swap Links: This feature allows you to change the path of selected pictures from one folder to another containing pictures with similar names. For example, you can use this to quickly switch back and forth between a folder with low resolution pictures and one with high resolution pictures.
Move, Copy or Collect Links to Folder: Use this feature to move, copy or collect pictures from their original folders to a new one, updating all the linkages in the document accordingly.
Update Individual Images or All Images at Once.
Replace, Swap, Move, Copy, Collect or Embed Links.
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