BigPicture 2017 for InDesign CC 2017
BigPicture 2017 for QuarkXPress 2017

What’s New In Version 8.0.0
Released November 23, 2016
• New version for Adobe InDesign CC 2017.
• Updated code to improve compatibility and stability
with macOS Sierra.
• Changed app name to BigPicture 2017.
• New menu plug-in installer.
• Several fixes and improvements.

What’s New In Version 8.0.0
Released July 3, 2017
- New Search engine: you can now search for all missing images at
once, and relink them all automatically.
- Search panel: you can select to relink all found images, or only
those that you select.
- Added new image metadata for info sidebar: location, aperture,
copyright, F number, keywords, copyright, and more.
- New user interface, incorporates split views and resizable info bar.
- You can now filter the picture list by using the Find text field.
- Faster browsing during Thumbnail view.
- You can export the info sidebar contents to a text file.
- The groups in the info sidebar can now be collapsed or expanded.
- Relink panel: new list to display which images can be swapped from
the selected folder, and to display progress when moving, copying or
collecting links.
- Several improvements and fixes.
What’s New
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